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95% Bandwidth reduction for your live Company events

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The next generation of eCDN

Enterprise Video Delivery over WebRTC


95% bandwidth reduction during live events

Reduce bandwidth requirements for video collaboration and webcasting by 95% to ensure a reliable and scalable use of video as your main channel of communication.


No agent or client installation - 100% inside your browser!

Start using StriveCast Enterprise within minutes after initial setup. No software installation, network configuration or firewall changes are required.


Cloud or On-Premises deployment​

Get quick an easy access to our public cloud or take full control over your data with a private cloud deployment.


Real-Time Event Statistics with Video Analytics​

Monitor your network and webcast performance in real-time with StriveCast Analytics to get a holistic, data-driven report about your live events.


Flexible pricing that fits your needs​

Choose between our usage and flat-rate business models or even combine them for maximum flexibility.

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, StriveCast Enterprise
Get the StriveCast Enterprise Solutions Brief for more details about how our products can help you scale your live events!

Works with your Enterprise Video Platform

Using StriveCast is incredibly easy. Our Software-As-A-Service model allows you to set up and get your eCDN ready for testing within minutes!

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Secure WebRTC technology

Set it up once - use it for ever!

StriveCast Enterprise - The ECDN within your Browser

Easily deliver company webcasts with StriveCast Enterprise, the next generation of enterprise webcasting software.

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Case-Study - The Future of Enterprise Video

StriveCast tackles the challenge of introducing WebRTC-based video streaming within high-performing corporate networks with Switzerland’s leading teleco provider Swisscom. Take a closer look at the issues and possible approaches to this challenge and download our case study on ECDN.

Real-Time User Experience Insights.

Unterstanding your audience is crucial in order to provide high-quality video content. StriveCast comes with a  real-time video analytics option, you can get data about your audience to optimize streaming experience.

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No Software Installation

StriveCast runs inside your web browser. No agents or clients have to be installed.

Secure And Reliable

Encrypted data transfer between devices and an on-prem version for maximum privacy.

Real-Time Data Insights

Monitor your live streaming events in real-time with StriveCast Analytics.

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StriveCast Enterprise Feature Overview

StriveCast is the next generation of eCDN technology. Check out all awesome Features that take your enterprise video streaming solutions to the next level.

No Software Installation

StriveCast requires no local software or "agent" to be installed and comes pre-integrated within your video platform.

No more bandwidth issues

StriveCast reduces bandwidth requirements by up to 95%. Enabling high-quality video streaming without any loading problems.

Unlimited Scalability

StriveCast scales far beyond the 10,000 user mark. Use StriveCast to connect up to 250,000 concurrent users.

Real-Time Insights

StriveCast Analytics provides real-time user statistics that enable you to see the performance of your streaming event while it's happening!

Cloud & On-Prem Available

Host it in the cloud or on-premises: StriveCast runs in the cloud our within your private network to ensure maximum data privacy.

Works inside and outside the private network

StriveCast works within a private network and within the regular internet.

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Say goodbye to buffering times, bad video quality, and people complaining about accessing your stream! StriveCast makes sure the technological delivery of your live streaming event works seamlessly in the background. As you don’t have to deal with technical issues anymore, you can focus 100% on your meeting topics and presentations.

StriveCast supports and works together with industry leaders like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, Kaltura, swissom, movingimage, Ramp, and many more.

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