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Content Delivery Network
(CDN) in China

China is the second-largest economy globally and an important market for business partners and sales for many European companies. This is especially true and important for future business opportunities. As a non-Chinese company, you need to follow certain Chinese regulations to deliver your video content within China. If you want to stream high-quality live and on-demand video, you will need to use a Content Delivery Network specifically for China. StriveCast now offers you Content Delivery Networks in China that comply with those regulations.

Overcome borders and reach people overseas with live video

Reach the world’s largest economy with the help of StriveCast‘s CDN presence in China. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distribution network of different servers located worldwide to deliver data fast and efficiently over the Internet. If you need to stream video or deliver content fast and reliable to the Chinese market, a local CDN is the best option. It allows you to stream video in high quality without long loading times.

You’ll find a detailed definition of Content Delivery Networks here.

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Use Cases for StriveCast’s CDN in China

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Taking care of everything for you

The access to the Chinese market might look challenging at first. But its worth it. StriveCast takes care of the organization and support and its Content Deliver Network in China has several use cases:

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The StriveCast benefit - a flexible offer according to your needs

Get access to the world’s largest economy in no time: The StriveCast China CDN is quick and easy to set-up and includes support from our professionals. With StriveCast China CDN, you can distribute your content in China at ease. We will offer you a fair, per GB pricing tied to your annual commitment.

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