Ramp & StriveCast

Making enterprise streaming accessible for everyone

Together, Ramp & StriveCast offer all eCDN technologies: Multicast, Caching, and Peer-to-Peer

Two video enthusiasts collaborate to make enterprise streaming accessible for everyone

Ramp: The universal eCDN

Ramp focuses on helping every organization tap into the power of streaming video for business communications and learning & development. Their portfolio of enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solutions reduces network congestion on corporate networks created by live and on-demand video. With multicast, video caching, peer-to-peer networking, or a combination of any, Ramp is an universal eCDN provider. Their software deploys behind your firewall for maximum security, scales easily as demand for video grows, and works with virtually any modern video platform, including industry-leaders such as Brightcove, Kaltura, and Microsoft Stream/Teams.
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Ramp & StriveCast:
Best enterprise streaming experience

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Ramp is an official reselling partner of StriveCast’s Peer-to-Peer eCDN technology. They chose StriveCast’s P2P technology to complete their portfolio of eCDN technologies. By integrating StriveCast’s P2P eCDN solution, Ramp meets the increased demand for efficient enterprise video streaming for its customers.

Ramp P2P eCDN powered by StriveCast:

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Combining eCDN technologies

Since every network is unique and may have a different topology from location to location, you may need to use more than one type of eCDN. The three main types of eCDNs are video cache, multicast, and P2P. Each has its relative strengths and weaknesses. To learn more about each type of eCDN, read Ramp’s Guide to Selecting the right eCDN Technology.

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Get an eCDN solution for every infrastructure

Ramp already offers video caching and multicast and uses StriveCast’s Peer-to-Peer to complete its eCDN portfolio. This enables Ramp’s and StriveCast’s customers to access and combine all eCDN technologies. For example, you could use video caching in locations where you have a large number of employees (or if you have a multicast-enabled network, a multicast eCDN). Then, in environments where you have limited infrastructure, you can utilize P2P technology and be prepared for every kind of setup to guarantee the best streaming experience.

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