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Our Pricing Structure - Credits and Seats

Device Credits (Usage-Based) . The usage of all StriveCast products is always depending of the number of end users within your organization or on your platform. Therefore, our main pricing unit is the Device Credit. When purchasing StriveCast products, you will be provided with a number of credits in the form of a credit bucket (see usage-based pricing).

Whenever an end device starts using a StriveCast product, it will become activated for the current calendar month, and one credit will be used. Once activated, the end device can use StriveCast products freely for the rest of the current calendar month. For the next calendar month, another credit is used once the same device becomes active again.

Device Seats (Flat-Rate) . With a Device Seat, you can limit the number of devices, that are using StriveCast products at the same time. When an end device starts using a StriveCast product it will be assigned a seat for the time it is actively using the StriveCast product. As soon as the device goes offline, its seat will become free again.

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With a credit bucket, you purchase a fixed number of device credits, which are then valid for 12 months. For example, a bucket with 10,000 credits will cover your usage for (i) one month with 10,000 users, (ii) two months with 5,000 users each, or (iii) 10 months with 1,000 users each. If your bucket has reached its limit, you can always purchase another bucket. Use the bucket model for singular events and other non-recurring projects.

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With the flat-rate model, you purchase a number of seats, which are then valid for 12 months. For example 10,000 seats will allow an unlimited number of users to use StriveCast products, as long as there are never more than 10,000 concurrent users active at the same time. Use the flat-rate model for periodic events, and long-term usage.

Our Products and Services

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OTT Peering

Optimize large-scale OTT video delivery with our global P2P video delivery network StriveCast OTT.

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Enterprise Peering

Deliver high-quality video within large corporate networks with the software-defined StriveCast eCDN.

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Real-Time Analytics

Get real-time insights and statistics about QoE and user behavior with our analytics suite StriveCast Analytics.

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Managed Cloud Hosting

Use all StriveCast products within our managed cloud platform.

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Custom On-Prem Hosting

Host and manage all StriveCast product within your own infrastructure.

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Get in contact with our team of video streaming experts to support you during onboarding, live events, and integration of all StriveCast products.

4 Steps to achieve
Customer Success


Product introduction and project evaluation

Reach out to our sales team for product information, demos, and pricing indications. We will assess your project to provide a strategy on how to solve your business case.


Trial and data collection

Use StriveCast products free of charge in trial mode in order to gather usage information, and gain detailed product insights. During this phase, we will take care of integration and product management.


Full onboarding and integration

Once decided for StriveCast, we will provide workshops, integration sessions, and support during the integration into your organization.


Take full control over the solution

Use our extensive documentation and knowledge base to build internal skills and maintain, monitor, and utilize StriveCast.

get the numbers for your business case

Streaming live video content can claim a lot of bandwidth and is dependent on several parameters like the number of viewers, office locations, and VPN usage. Enter your own numbers to our calculator and you will be able to…

StriveCast offers multiple enterprise video solutions across industries and countries

StriveCast Products

Enterprise Video Distribution

For webcasting agencies & large companies: Easily deliver company webcasts with our eCDN, the next generation of enterprise video delivery.

Real-Time Video Analytics

Inlcuded in our eCDN: Use powerful real time video analytics to get deep insights into your video streaming performance and user experience.

Media CDN Acceleration

For OTT providers: Reduce CDN cost by 75% with StriveCast OTT, the most advanced Peer-To-Peer Video Delivery Network.

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