StriveCast’s P2P technology now compatible with Microsoft Teams Live Events via Ramp eCDN

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We are incredibly proud to announce that StriveCast’s partner Ramp is now fully integrated into Microsoft Teams Live Events. With Ramp’s universal eCDN approach, the Microsoft ecosystem opens up new, WebRTC-based video delivery solutions.

Microsoft Teams users can now use WebRTC-based P2P eCDN to optimize video delivery

Many of the world’s largest organizations are undergoing a digital transformation to support the new age of hybrid working. As a result, most of them will need to adopt a solution for handling the increased traffic caused by video inside corporate networks. To meet these new requirements without changing their entire network, companies can implement an eCDN solution. With Ramp, they can rely on an eCDN provider that offers all three eCDN technologies (multicast, video caching, and P2P) and their combination. In addition, thanks to Ramp’s deeper integration with Microsoft Teams, more users will be able to seamlessly deliver high-quality video – an essential step in making efficient enterprise video delivery accessible for everyone.

Need some background knowledge about eCDNs and how they optimize video delivery?

We are happy that industry leaders like Microsoft realize the need for eCDN solutions and further open their product for Ramp and their universal eCDN approach. It shows the growing importance of eCDNs for efficient video delivery and their indisputable need to deliver live video events at scale.

Alexander Schaefer, CEO & Co-Founder of StriveCast

The rise of Microsoft Teams and
video conferencing

Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams experienced a significant increase in user numbers and popularity. In October 2020 alone, the business communication tool even reached 115 million daily active users. This growth reflects the continued demand for video collaboration tools as the lifeline for remote and hybrid work, helping people and organizations in every industry stay agile and add a personal factor to digital communication. In addition, the increased professional usage of Microsoft Teams also boosts the demand for optimized video delivery when used for live events within corporate networks.

ms stream device, StriveCast Video Analytics - Visualize Statistics of your Live Streaming

Companies are increasingly dependent on video to engage and collaborate. As Microsoft Teams continues to evolve into the focal point of workplace collaboration, demand for a higher quality video experience will continue to increase substantially along with a heightened strain on the corporate network. Through our integration with Microsoft, Ramp empowers Microsoft Teams users with more flexibility than ever before. With access to all three eCDN technologies, enterprises can mix and match solutions to achieve flawless video streaming and optimal bandwidth savings, securely across their network.

Neal Stanton, Co-CEO of Ramp
The undeniable need for eCDN solutions across all industries and Ramp’s universal eCDN approach is also recognized by leading industry analysts. The enterprise streaming & webcasting expert Steve Vonder Haar states:

The remote work opportunity has accelerated the video adoption process and with more people returning to the office, video has now shifted from a luxury to a necessity. By teaming up with Microsoft, Ramp is tackling the most prominent IT concerns — security and network performance. In these uncertain times, there is much unknown about what challenges may be around the corner. Ramp’s universal eCDN offers IT departments a tool for standardizing network infrastructure and creating distribution capacity that scales to meet whatever level of video demand emerges in the post-COVID workplace.

Steve Vonder Haar, Senior Analyst at Wainhouse Research

Ramp & StriveCast - The best of both worlds

StriveCast and Ramp partner to deliver enterprise streaming video for organizations around the globe. 

About Ramp

Ramp is focused on helping every organization tap into the power of live and on-demand streaming video. The only universal eCDN provider that can deliver all types of eCDN (multicast, caching and P2P) as a unified solution in a single license —all enterprises, all networks, all use cases, and all streaming platforms. Ramp works with virtually any platform and is tightly integrated with leading streaming video solutions. Our software deploys inside the firewall or in the cloud to best fit any security requirement and scale easily as demand for video grows. Visit

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About StriveCast

StriveCast is a leading technology provider for eCDN solutions. Our WebRTC-based P2P mesh network is used by large companies like Swisscom, Siemens, and NEP group to solve the problem of network congestion during live events. Based in Germany, we are constantly improving and adapting our cutting-edge P2P technology in order to provide the next generation of enterprise video delivery. Today, StriveCast connects over 150,000 users worldwide on a daily basis, saving customers up to 95% of CDN traffic with a unique server-side-managed Peer-To-Peer network.

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