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Partnership enables StriveCast’s technology into Microsoft Stream & Teams

As we experienced in the last weeks, video conferences and webcasting became a major solution for corporate communications: Digital exhibitions, meetings via video call, and webinars became the new standard for business purposes. We believe that those ways of communication are not a trend that will vanish as “physical distancing” does, but will be established in our lives. However, many businesses still experience technical issues with video streaming when entering this uncharted territory.

How Ramp & StriveCast ensure high-quality enterprise video streaming

In order to meet the increased demand of companies using video streaming, providers of video delivery solutions have to look for ways that stabilize networks, ensure high video quality, and flawless streaming. StriveCast’s eCDN solution solves these challenges: Using 100% WebRTC video delivery with P2P technology, we create a dynamic video delivery network between connected devices. Streaming the same content, devices share their data, saving up to 95% bandwidth. Ramp, the leading provider of enterprise video delivery solutions, now chooses StriveCast’s technology in order to realize the increased demand for enterprise video streaming for its customers.

Our mission is to deliver unlimited, high-quality streaming video on corporate networks. Partnering with StriveCast and implementing their P2P technology is one way of keeping up the high-quality standards for our customers. What convinced us about StriveCast’s technology, is its ability to scale, the easy integration, and the high security standards.

Neal Stanton - Ramp Co-CEO

Support of eCDN for Microsoft Stream & Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Stream is the enterprise video sharing service integrated in Microsoft’s Office 365 suite and is being used by 75 million users every day. Our new business partner Ramp has an official integration with Microsoft. One of the results of this strategic partnership is that StriveCast now supports eCDN for Microsoft Stream as their service is now able to load and integrate StriveCast’s eCDN plugin. Find out more about StriveCast’s enterprise video streaming technology.

We see businesses all over the world going through a massive change in digitalization recently. We strongly believe video will be the future of corporate communication. Our mission is to provide reliable and robust streaming and communication infrastructure. By partnering with Ramp, we attempt to make a difference during these times and shape the future of media delivery. RAMP is an amazing partner and we are very excited to combine "best of both worlds" in order to offer a single eCDN solution that fits every customer's needs!

Alexander Schäfer - CEO & Co-Founder of StriveCast

About Ramp - a leading provider of enterprise video delivery

Ramp is focused on helping every organization tap into the power of live and on-demand streaming video. Its enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solutions drastically reduce the bandwidth needed to stream uninterrupted, high-quality video on corporate networks. Using multicasting, video caching, peer-to-peer networking, or any combination, Ramp is the eCDN for all—all enterprises, all networks, all use cases, and all streaming platforms. Ramp works with virtually any modern platform and is tightly integrated with leading streaming video solutions.

StriveCast partners and supported platforms

StriveCast Enterprise Partner Wall

Reactions from the industry

StriveCast’s technology to offer on-premise and cloud-based WebRTC video distribution solutions is now integrated with Ramp, one of the leading providers of video networking solutions. What makes StriveCast a powerful strategic partner for Ramp is the centralized approach to manage its peer-to-peer architecture: In the StriveCast network, requests for video are routed to a central server that acts as a clearinghouse that tells edge devices where to grab video feeds.

Steven Vonder Haar, Wainhouse Research

About StriveCast

StriveCast is a leading technology provider for eCDN solutions. Our WebRTC-based P2P mesh network is used by large companies like Swisscom, Siemens, Gazprom, and NEP group to solve the problem of network congestion during live events. Based in Germany, we are constantly improving and adapting our cutting-edge P2P technology in order to provide the next generation of enterprise video delivery. Today, StriveCast connects over 150,000 users worldwide on a daily basis, saving customers up to 95% of CDN traffic with a unique server-side-managed Peer-To-Peer network.

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