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P2P CDN technology explained

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Video has become more and more popular for live entertainment and business communication. However, delivering a live stream to a large number of people is often problematic and can be a challenge to the network.

Therefore, people often discover these common problems with live video streams:

How can you solve these challenges without changing your whole network infrastructure or making multiple software installations? A Peer-to-Peer CDN can help. Find out more:

Efficient media delivery

P2P CDN technology allows you to deliver high-quality, scalable live video streams at minimum bandwidth requirements. A P2P CDN establishes connections between the devices streaming your video content. Once connected, these devices can cache and share video data, as they are streaming the same content at the same time.

Live video delivery in a P2P CDN follows this process:

P2P CDN technology, P2P CDN Technology

Thanks to this approach, requests to the origin server are significantly reduced. Because of this, bandwidth savings of up to 95% are possible – resulting in a stable, high-quality video stream. The best part: The network can grow dynamically, resulting in unlimited scalability. It is completely flexible without a single point of failure.

StriveCast offers a P2P CDN that is based on WebRTC. Therefore, it can be used with every modern browser and is simple to set-up.


P2P CDN technology and features

Enterprise and OTT

Suitable for every use case: Our technology is designed for both enterprise applications and OTT scenarios.

Combined with Analytics

Never miss any important data again! StriveCast offers an extensive video analytics feature for real-time statistics and downloadable reports about your live events.

Hosting: On-premise or via cloud solution

Choose whatever fits best for your business: StriveCast’s P2P CDN can be hosted either via cloud or on-premise.

Fully compatible with mDNS

The only P2P CDN that works with mDNS: By placing our AI-based management server within our clients’ infrastructure, the peering of viewer groups is still possible, even if they use a browser that has mDNS activated.

AI-based for corporate networks

Get a self-learning eCDN: StriveCast uses a unique AI management server for enterprise CDN that continuously optimizes itself. Learn more about our artificial intelligence features here.

Management Server

You are in full control: Every single peer in the network first connects to StriveCast’s management server. This way, we control peering habits and avoid unnecessary connections that could cause network congestion.

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Benefits of a P2P CDN

Setting up a P2P CDN ensures a stable and reliable live stream that can be delivered to a large number of users.

Profit from:

StriveCast’s P2P CDN offers features that other P2P providers lack. At StriveCast, we’ll guarantee 100%:


Everything can be deployed via cloud solution or on-premises


Content is only shared encrypted, fully GDPR and DRM compliant


WebRTC and browser-based, easy to set-up and no installation needed


Self-Improving network optimization through the first AI-based eCDN


Works within most modern browsers

WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication. It is an open-source protocol that allows real-time audio and video communication between connected devices via the Internet. We are all encountering WebRTC in our everyday business and private lives whenever we are – as the name states – communicating in real-time via the Internet. It is used for applications such as video conferencing, file transfer, chat, and desktop sharing. WebRTC is already integrated into most modern browsers and works with every device, so people can broadly use it without installing any new plugins or complicated set-ups. 


For webcasting agencies & large companies: Easily deliver company webcasts with our eCDN, the next generation of enterprise video delivery.

Real-Time Analytics

Inlcuded in our eCDN: Use powerful real time video analytics to get deep insights into your video streaming performance and user experience.

Webcasting Services

Profit from StriveCast's 5+ years of corporate webcasting experience to deliver outstanding webcast content in best quality at scale.

P2P CDN Use Cases

A Peer-to-Peer eCDN does not require any specific network structures and can be used in any set-up. Therefore, it is ideal to use within corporate networks with limited network infrastructure or those that do not allow changes to the network due to strict company policies. Because of its unlimited scalability, it is also a great solution for large OTT broadcasters that are streaming video content to thousands of viewers and place a great value on video quality.

Some example uses cases of a P2P CDN include:

Want to know more? Read our customer success stories:

Fully encrypted video delivery

StriveCast sets a high value on security, as many of our customers handle confidential business information in their live streams. Therefore, our P2P CDN technology comes with the following security features:

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Global scale

Silent test

Real-time analytics

Partnering with industry leaders around the world

StriveCast works hand in hand with a global network of integration and solution partners.


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