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The digitalization
of the event industry

The event industry is challenged by a huge change: The digitalization and live video streaming of events and exhibitions. Starting with the COVID-19 pandemic, the urge for digital or hybrid events in the entertainment and enterprise sector has risen significantly. Still, many agencies and service providers struggle to provide efficient live streams and organize large-scale online events, despite years of experience in the event industry. What they need is a partner that can cover the technical part of event streaming.

Satisfied partners from the event industry

High-quality event streaming experiences

Live Streaming instead of canceling: StriveCast is your point of contact for streaming large digital events. Event agencies like marbet, Prankl Consulting, and UnityRealtimeGroup work with us top deliver their clients the best streaming experience. We look back (and ahead) at many successful projects like a digital town hall meeting with more than 1,000 attendees at Henkel or streaming a virtual press conference for Emma – The Sleep Company.

Your technical partner

eCDN for efficient video streaming

No more fear of large-scale, digital live events: Extend your solution portfolio with live video streaming and profit from the strongly growing market and endless opportunities. StriveCast’s eCDN makes it possible: With us as a technology partner, you can offer high-quality live streaming to a large audience. Our secret weapon: The StriveCast eCDN connects devices and lets them share video content, as they stream the same content at the same time. This results in fewer requests to the origin server and thus up to 95% less bandwidth requirements.

The picture shows a woman during a video call.

The most efficient way to stream large events

The picture shows a digital video conference.

Benefits of our eCDN for live streaming

You and your customers will benefit from:

See it in action:

Customized to your needs

The first multi-tenant eCDN for managing multiple customer accounts

As an agency or solution provider, you probably have to manage and monitor several projects and customers in parallel. At StriveCast, we are working with multiple partners who have to manage several customer accounts and projects. Therefore, we support multi-tenant account structures for our reselling partners. Our eCDN platform lets you switch between customer accounts and projects while data is fully isolated and secure. On top of that, you can set individual access and permission rights on a customer or user basis.
The picture shows a screenshot of the Strivecast dashboard.

Features of the reselling dashboard include:

Get the StriveCast Enterprise Solutions Brief for more details about how our products can help you scale your live events!

Customer References

How our partners streamed large live events for Henkel and Amprion

Our most beloved customer success stories are the ones where our partners can shine! With the help of our eCDN technology in the background, we contributed to our partner’s success for the live streaming of the digital town hall meetings at Henkel and Amprion. Both companies were able to stream their digital company event to thousands of employees – without any network congestion or streaming problems. As a result, the events were a digital success for employees, management, and the organizers.

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