Introducing multiple Peering Managers for P2P eCDN with fallback security

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Ultimate fallback security: StriveCast now offers multiple Peering Managers for on-premise installations​

Sometimes you want to be on the safe side and eliminate all potential sources of trouble. That is why StriveCast now offers the option to configure a second (or multiple more) Peering Managers as a fallback option if your primary Peering Manager is not available.

When to use multiple Peering Managers

The StriveCast P2P eCDN can either be used on-premise within the company’s network or as a cloud solution. When choosing the on-premise installation, the Peering Manager is dependent on the server or data center it is installed on. Therefore, the use of a second – fallback – peering manager is only relevant for on-premise installations.

How your company and clients will benefit from multiple Peering Managers:

Failure safety: You want to be 100% sure that there won’t be any technical issues for critical events. However, one can never fully preclude technical issues like hardware problems at the server or data centers. Therefore, we recommend installing the second fallback peering manager at another location, to be 100% on the safe side.

Smooth transition: The viewers won’t notice a difference: When the first Peering Manager is not accessible anymore, the web client directly recognizes the failure, and the second Peering Manager will step in. The second Peering Manager will only go into action when the first one is not available anymore. Thus, there are no overlaps and efficient peering is guaranteed.

Easy set-up: When adjusting the deployment of your event, you can list the URLs of the peering managers you want to include. It is as simple as that.

, Introducing multiple Peering Managers for P2P eCDN with fallback security
Screenshot: When creating a new deployment, you can now add several URLs in the Peering Manager section

The StriveCast Peering Manager

The StriveCast Peering Manager is responsible for grouping and connecting different devices (peers) in your network. Once connected, devices can share media content and don’t need to send a request to the origin server for every bit of data. Want to know more about StriveCast’s P2P technology?

About StriveCast

StriveCast is a leading technology provider for eCDN solutions. Our WebRTC-based P2P mesh network is used by large companies like Swisscom, Siemens, and NEP group to solve the problem of network congestion during live events. Based in Germany, we are constantly improving and adapting our cutting-edge P2P technology in order to provide the next generation of enterprise video delivery. Today, StriveCast connects over 150,000 users worldwide on a daily basis, saving customers up to 95% of CDN traffic with a unique server-side-managed Peer-To-Peer network.

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