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movingimage, a leading SaaS provider for live and on-demand video, helps companies stream and centrally manage video content in the best quality with its cloud-based, high professional solution. By partnering with StriveCast and its 100% P2P based eCDN technology, they can stream even more stable and highly scalable video within corporate networks.

About movingimage

movingimage is Europe’s leading SaaS provider for live & on-demand enterprise videos. Its cloud-based Enterprise Video Suite enables companies to centrally manage and stream videos in the best possible quality and on any device. The German company offers a large portfolio of video solutions. Thanks to the partnership with StriveCast, it can also complement its video streams with a high-quality P2P eCDN to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

How movingimage & StriveCast work together

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movingimage offers comprehensive solutions for transferring and managing video content. For these solutions to work properly, some factors, such as the network’s capacity, must be checked and prepared. Depending on the available bandwidth and the number of users who want to participate in a stream, problems may occur during a video stream. To ensure that the stream works smoothly and without interruptions, movingimage uses the help of StriveCast: Its peer-to-peer-based eCDN technology connects all users who want to participate in a stream and lets them share the stream data with each other. This way, each user does not have to download the data from an external source but can share it with other users within the company network. This is done unobtrusively in the background, without the need for complicated installations and invisible to the user. Together, movingimage and StriveCast can thus reduce the load on the corporate network and ensure the highest video quality.

How to integrate movingimage & StriveCast

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movingimage ensures video communication

movingimage provides the platform for professional video streaming. To scale their solution within corporate networks, you can use StriveCast’s P2P eCDN. As a result, you can use movingimage for thousands of viewers and control the viewing experience.


StriveCast optimizes the video delivery

Deliver high-quality webcasts without facing any technical issues: StriveCast eCDN reduces bandwidth requirements by up to 95%, ensuring stable and reliable webcasts within corporate networks.