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Microsoft Teams is one of the world’s leading enterprise digital communication and collaboration tools. Working with StriveCast enables Microsoft Teams users to implement infinitely scalable live video streams without running the risk of overloading the company network.

About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a business collaboration platform by Microsoft that that can simplify the communication of teams within a company and is part of the Microsoft 365 product portfolio. In addition to classic chat functions and video meetings, Microsoft teams also offer the possibility of live video transmissions, file storage, and many other options. It is one of the most widespread communication tools and has about 145 million users. Through a strategic partnership with StriveCast, Microsoft Teams is able to complement its live stream option through a peer-to-peer-based eCDN.

How Microsoft Teams & StriveCast work together

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To use StriveCast’s 100% WebRTC-based P2P eCDN in combination with Microsoft Teams, only a few changes in the settings are necessary. If the StriveCast eCDN is activated, it ensures that bandwidth is saved and the internal network is protected by intelligent data distribution during a video stream. This works by establishing connections between all users participating in a video stream so that they can share the received data with each other instead of downloading it all individually from the original server outside the network. This does not require any complex installations. Once the StriveCast P2P eCDN is activated, it works 100% browser-based and completely in the background. The result is smooth, infinitely scalable live transmissions that promise high user satisfaction.

How to integrate Microsoft Teams & StriveCast

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StriveCast is trusted by 50+ global customers to deliver their digital events at scale.


Microsoft Teams ensures video communication

Microsoft Teams provides the platform for professional video streaming. To scale their solution within corporate networks, you can use StriveCast’s P2P eCDN. As a result, you can use Microsoft Teams for thousands of viewers and control the viewing experience.


StriveCast optimizes the video delivery

Deliver high-quality webcasts without facing any technical issues: StriveCast eCDN reduces bandwidth requirements by up to 95%, ensuring stable and reliable webcasts within corporate networks.

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