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MediaPlatform’s end-to-end enterprise video platform lets you webcast, capture, stream, transcode, host, deliver and govern all of your live an on-demand video assets within a single, centrally managed platform that’s purpose-built for enterprise environments. Their webcasting platform is fully compatible with StriveCast’s P2P eCDN, enabling it for large-scale live streams within corporate networks.

About MediaPlatform

MediaPlatform is the leading live streaming and on-demand video platform with customers that include Abbott Laboratories, ConocoPhillips, EY, General Motors and Sprint. MediaPlatform combines a robust video portal with fully integrated interactive webcasting, to help medium and large organizations improve corporate communications and training. MediaPlatform helps businesses leverage on-demand and live video to be become more social enterprises, improve employee engagement and enable collaboration. With integrations for Microsoft SharePoint, Skype for Business and WebEx, MediaPlatform software can serve as the backbone for your entire video communications strategy. MediaPlatform offers organizations the ability to take advantage of scalable cloud-based computing, as well as on-premises deployment, to present and manage rich media.

How MediaPlatform & StriveCast work together

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StriveCast supports MediaPlatform in video streaming for internal networks, as with an Enterprise Video Platform. Through MediaPlatform’s EVP and interface, users have many options, including the ability to implement large-scale video streams. But for this solution to achieve its full success, you need to keep one thing in mind: A closed network usually only has a limited amount of bandwidth. This quickly reaches its limits when several users within the network want to participate in a stream and thus consume an enormous amount of data. StriveCast as a partner solves the problem unobtrusively and with great success: The P2P eCDN technology connects individual users to share the video content with each other instead of loading it from an external source outside the network. This significantly reduces the load on the network and saves bandwidth. And best of all: High-quality and infinitely scalable video transmissions are the result.

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MediaPlatform ensures video communication

MediaPlatform provides the platform for professional video streaming. To scale their solution within corporate networks, you can use StriveCast’s P2P eCDN. As a result, you can use MediaPlatform for thousands of viewers and control the viewing experience.


StriveCast optimizes the video delivery

Deliver high-quality webcasts without facing any technical issues: StriveCast eCDN reduces bandwidth requirements by up to 95%, ensuring stable and reliable webcasts within corporate networks.