Improve your business web conferencing with these 5 steps

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To help you improve your corporate communication, we’ve put together an overview of the most important topic considerations.

In the current world of remote and global working, almost every company has reached a point where online video communication is on the everyday agenda. Many enterprises have been looking for business web conferencing solutions, as the need for this has dramatically increased. Moving in international markets and working with employees, consultants, customers, and partners worldwide have made reliable and efficient business web conferencing one of the critical factors to continued business success. The increase of  remote working and the cry for long-term home-office solutions that came with it has fueled and fastened this development. For many companies, this has also highlighted the importance of the possibility to continue regular meetings, training, and presentations online. Because of that, enterprise video streaming has become essential for everyday business.

Why do so many companies still struggle with business web conferencing?

Despite the increasing importance, many enterprises are still troubled to identify what web conferencing solution best suits their companies’ needs. The developments of recent months have not only raised new requirements and problems within companies but also brought attention to the existing difficulties in online communication. Whatsmore, the numerous use cases of web conferencing and high user expectations make business decisions concerning this topic challenging. To unravel these issues, we’ve put together a list of the 5 most important factors to improve your company’s web conferencing.

1. Implement a technically well-equipped web conferencing solution

The first thing you need to think about is the web conference tool. This is important as the tool is essential to the streaming quality and also the key to a reliable real-time video experience. However, the technical setup and functionalities of the available tools differ.  Also, as we all are regularly exposed to streaming content, the expectations users have about stability, buffering times, and video quality of live streams are enormous. That is why unreliable streaming and loading problems constitute a significant obstacle to user satisfaction. That is why the basis of improving your business web conferencing is choosing the right Enterprise Video Platform for your companies’ needs. Further, the platform must provide you with possible add-ons and solutions to the issues mentioned above.

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2. Think about the end-user: Accessibility and useability

Complicated tool implementation and handling may decrease employee motivation and willingness to work with the webcasting solution. Usability and available features for the participants like virtual hand rising, in-webcast chats, or polls may be important. For your employees, choosing a user-friendly software is just as important as choosing one that can provide a stable and reliable real-time connection. These aspects lay the foundation so that they can focus on the web conference content. It could be a good idea to let them test various tools and vote on their favorite one to guarantee employee satisfaction. After all, the user-experience is tightly linked to the efficiency of your business web conferencing.

3. Use video analytics for optimization

To go beyond the obvious checkpoints of successful webcasting, one of the most prominent shortcomings in business webcasting is overlooking the learning possibility every executed web conference is offering. Knowing real-time event statistics and video analytics like user data, including operating system, device, or stream data such as the buffering ratio, can help improve the currently held web conference and provide helpful knowledge for future improvements. Missing out on your webcasts’ generated data can cost time and money and prolong improvement mechanisms. Furthermore, video analytics help you identify mistakes or problems that have until then slipped your notice. Therefore, using streaming analytics can, in itself, be a solution to business web conferencing.

business web conferencing, Improve your business web conferencing with these 5 steps

4. Don’t forget about the security of your web conferencing

When talking about data, the most evident next issue to look upon is security. Whether it is considering personal data or company data, cybersecurity has become one of the most important business administration choice factors. Providing encrypted data transfer should be one of the essential features to look for when you are aiming to improve your enterprise web conferencing. Taking precautions to enhance security matters is a significant improvement as it enhances confidence in the company and the communication technology used.

5. Have a look at costs and profitability

Even though web conferencing itself represents a less costly aspect than, for example, travel expenses, most companies are still paying too much for their video streaming. That is especially true regarding all the possible downfalls companies face with their business web conferencing, as mentioned above. The right streaming technology may substantially cut these costs. Emerging technologies provide cost-efficient solutions for business web conferencing by reducing the used bandwidth and optimizing CDN costs through eCDN integrations. Considering this, rethinking your enterprise streaming technology may make your company more successful and profitable in multiple ways.

Make your business web conferencing more efficient to ensure future success

In conclusion, despite our all hopes that remote working will soon be a matter of choice again rather than forced by virus-lockdowns, the future of business communication relies on efficient business web conferencing. One of the key factors to guarantee employee and customer satisfaction will continue to be optimized business webcasting. Accordingly, to prepare your business for the future, it is crucial to think through your business web conferencing from A to Z. The five above presented factors can help you determine whether your company is already in a good position or if parts of your online communication can be improved.

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