How to improve corporate communications post COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences had a massive impact on our private and working lives. This blog post focuses on what has changed regarding corporate communications and which practices and applications we can keep or adapt while people are slowly getting back to the so-called “new normal.” 

Live streaming and video played a significant role in keeping up corporate communications

For at least two months now, we all said goodbye to personal meetings in conference rooms. Instead, people used enterprise video platforms or video collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Kaltura, or Ramp to keep in touch. According to a recent study, the use of enterprise video streaming increased by 91% in the first half of this year. Getting used to new methods of enterprise communications also created space for new ideas. For example, webinars and online video training for customers and partners got more and more popular as people recognized their value.

The digitalization of events, trade shows, and conferences

Calendars were filled with conferences, exhibitions, and events for spring 2020 – either as attendees or exhibitors. Unfortunately, many of these events were canceled. But some organizers thought of creative, new ways to still host their event or at least parts of it. While some offered elements like keynotes, workshops, and 1-on-1 video meetings via video access, others went fully digital – including the use of virtual exhibition halls where people can log in online and go from booth to booth, talking, or chatting with the exhibiting companies.

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The new normal: How video and streaming will be implemented in our working lives

The acceptance of home office accompanied by use of video

Corporate Communications, How to improve corporate communications post COVID-19

Even when people will be returning to the offices again, the acceptance of remote working stays. In the near future, there will probably be a mix between remote and office workers, also because some employers might still be cautious with letting too many people in the office building at once. Many employees want to continue working from home as they experienced the benefits of less commuting (time and costs), and spending more time with their families. 

This acceptance towards video communication means the use of video streaming will more or less stay the same as during this peak. Still, a majority of the streams now have to be delivered through your company’s network. This means for several companies that they have to upscale their internal communication system. Is your network able to handle this? With StriveCast’s P2P eCDN solutions, your company’s network will be able to deliver high-quality video streams while reducing bandwidth requirements by up to 95%.

Live streaming for trade fairs: Hybrid events & the digital twin concept

Events, exhibitions, and trade shows were all canceled on a short-notice for this year. Still, some of the organizers managed to host the events alternatively as live streaming events. This was possible especially for those events which offer keynote speakers, workshops, and 1-on-1 meetings – these formats could easily be presented via live video streaming, webcasts, and video conferences. 

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But still: As appealing and practical as these alternatives are: There is no such virtual thing that can fully replace face-to-face networking, touching and live-experiencing new products, or simply having a drink at the bar after a long trade fair day.

Therefore, so-called hybrid events or events with digital twins might be the future way of hosting a trade fair or exhibition. This means that the event is still happening at a local place, but in addition, parts of it are delivered to a broader audience via live video streaming. Such events are also an excellent chance for people who want to reduce business trips and may not have the time to attend the entire event. With a digital option, people can still join a particular conference, workshop, or keynote session they want to see. On top of that, it is a great opportunity to increase visitors by granting special tickets dedicated to only one live stream or entirely discounted online prices.

Quality is king: If you offer a live stream in addition to your event, you want to deliver the feeling as if the online-attendees are almost there. Especially when they paid for the stream, they expect a TV-like experience and quality of your stream without any accessibility problems or long buffering. With StriveCast’s technology, you can deliver high-quality, reliable live streams. Contact us for more information or proof of concept.

Video streaming as education format

During lockdown and the COVID-19 crisis, e-learning video delivery was up 218%. People accepted and used new ways of learning and educational training by using video, webcasts, and live streaming presentations. This resulted in some providers having more participants than ever before because they could scale up and reach a larger audience than they normally would.

Scale up your live events without difficulties? StriveCast P2P eCDN approach lets you set up high-quality webcasts and live streams for a large number of viewers – while keeping bandwidth requirements low. 

Conclusion – the rise of video and hybrid thinking

As we experienced, video can replace (almost) everything. And although life will get back to normal at some point, people got used to video and live streaming. New ways of working, communication, and collaboration were accepted quickly, and people showed adaptiveness and creativity. Still, video and live streaming will not fully replace personal exchange. It is rather an alternative or extension.

Once events with several people are possible again, don’t just go back to “the old usual way”. Maybe you’re hosting exclusive events for your customers and partners every year, but some of them never attended because of too long journeys. Now you should consider setting up a live stream for your events, making it possible for everyone around the globe to join comfortably. This approach will make attendees happy, and your boss will be pleased about the rising attendance figures you can report.

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