GDPR & Security

Get scalable, high-quality video without interfering with your security guidelines: StriveCast’s P2P eCDN is fully GDPR compliant and comes with more features to ensure safe video delivery, like encryption, VPN detection, and hosting options.

Safe and scalable video delivery

The StriveCast eCDN optimizes video delivery within your organization so that you can reach all your employees, partners, or customers without crashing your network. While doing so, you don’t want to throw your security standards overboard. Our eCDN solution is fully GDPR compliant and meets the security guidelines of highly strict and demanding companies like banks, insurances, and pharma groups.

Maximum security for your webcasts

With the StriveCast eCDN you can deliver high-quality video to an unlimited number of viewers – without having to change your infrastructure or worry about security.

Full GDPR compliance

StriveCast is a European company with headquarters in Duesseldorf, Germany. We fully comply with EU regulations concerning data protection, as well as with digital rights management.

Compatible with VPN

StriveCast offers several VPN detection methods, allowing you to exclude VPN users from peering. This way, video data is distributed most efficiently and does not interfere with your VPN policy.

Hosting Choice: Cloud or On-Premise

Choose whatever fits best for your business: StriveCast runs in the cloud or within your private network to ensure maximum data privacy & control.

100% Encrypted when shared

All data is 100% TLS encrypted when exchanged and only decrypted at the end device. This way, your data is continuously protected from third parties.

Certified Application & Interface Security

Our web application is only available via HTTPS, and comes with a strict role-based system. Also, StriveCast passed a penetration test in 2021, carried out by one of the world's largest banking groups.

Works with mDNS - no installations needed

You do not need to deactivate your security features to activate our solution – our eCDN is fully mDNS compatible without the need for local agents or other client software.

Why security matters

When streaming live events, you want to ensure that your network is not vulnerable to any attacks or that confidential data is open to unauthorized third parties.

With the StriveCast eCDN you can deliver your message via high-quality video to an unlimited number of viewers – without having to worry about

  • violating GDPR when using an eCDN
  • the access and distribution of your live event
  • changing your infrastructure and security features in exchange for scalability
  • the encryption of video data and other confidential information shared

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