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Self-improving network optimization: Get the most out of your live streams!

The next-generation of enterprise video delivery

StriveCast solves the problem of network congestion in corporate networks during the use of video collaboration tools and corporate webcasting. Use our 100% browser-based eCDN to deliver high-quality live events across your organization and let your stream perform better every time: Our centralized management approach makes it possible.
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The eCDN that thinks along – and ahead

Introducing the StriveCast Peering Manager

Every single peer joining your network will be connected to a management server, which controls peering performance and grouping. The server can be hosted via cloud or on-premise – according to your company’s needs.

Increasing performance every day with SmartRouting

StriveCast eCDN recognizes peers and groups that performed well for future events, thus saving more bandwidth and increasing efficiency with each stream. The AI continuously tests connectivity between devices to optimize traffic flow and find new, faster routes through your network.

AI-based eCDN with a centrally managed approach

StriveCast follows a server-side managed eCDN approach: Every single peer joining the network will also connect to a dedicated management server. This management server has a list of every single peer in the network. StriveCast uses WebSockets as a communication protocol to immediately recognize when a peer joins or goes offline. Since every new peer directly connects to the management server, we can inspect the whole network in real-time.

This unique feature allows StriveCast’s eCDN to:

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Client-Side vs. Server-Side-Managed P2P Networks

In a client-side managed Peer-to-Peer network, devices search for the (logically) nearest devices. This can result in far too many unnecessary connections and inefficient content delivery. A server-side managed network has a controlling instance with a full overview of the infrastructure and can thus group devices in the most efficient way.

Experience our AI-based eCDN:

The picture compares the StriveCast solution in terms of client management and server management. Both solutions work flawlessly.

AI-powered eCDN technology for continuous optimization of video delivery

By collecting and evaluating information about network performance and device bandwidth, StriveCast’s eCDN is a self-learning network that continuously optimizes the grouping of peers and content distribution. The entire process of clustering peers, calculating distributions, handling churn, and deciding which users to connect can now be done based on complete information in real-time.

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The Enterprise Video Delivery Solution

StriveCast is trusted by 50+ global customers to deliver their digital events at scale.

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