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StriveCast offers various features all available to meet your needs.

Our Portfolio around our eCDN technology is continuously growing. As we keep developing and improving our products, we regularly release new features that are included in our provided solutions.

Read more about all StriveCast features and stay tuned for the yet to come.

Spotlight features

With our AI-based eCDN, our customers have a smart company-fitted solution at hand, while our real-time analytics allow full awareness of the on-going processes. Moreover, mDNS is not a problem for our smart and innovative solution.

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AI-based traffic flow

Our server-side-managed eCDN uses intelligent routing algorithms to get highest performance at minimal cost.

The picture shows the StriveCast Dashboard on the screen of a laptop.

Real-time analytics

StriveCast includes real-time statistics about your audience and network performance within just 5 seconds.

Enterprise Buildings

mDNS Compatible

Our server-side managed eCDN approach allows full mDNS compatibility without installations on the client’s side.

Works with the tools you already use!

StriveCast's eCDN is compatible with all sorts of companies' infrastructure. The easy implementation makes our solutions available on all operating systems and devices. It's also compatible with all commonly-used EVP platforms.

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Client agnostic

StriveCast offers a generic web client for all browsers and players, along with several native SDKs for mobile applications.

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Local agent available

If an installed software client is required, we can deliver install-able software to make StriveCast available for older devices.

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Virtual Deployments

Integrate once, use it forever. Once our client is integrated, you can enable, and configure it remotely just via software.

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All StriveCast services are fully restified. Include our analytics within your own platform and manage integration via code. ​

meets all security standards

All StriveCast solutions are focused on high security keeping all company data safe and is compliant with GDPR regulations.


VPN Compatible

StriveCast offers several VPN detection methods, allowing you to exclude the VPN from peering, even without using a split tunnel.

Silent Testing people sitting in front of iMac

Silent testing

StriveCast’s local agent can be used to probe your network and collect real streaming data without users noticing.

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StriveCast does not store any personal data, nor do we process such data at any given time. All servers are 100% GDPR compliant.

Symbol of the many possibilities of StriveCast technology: A symbolized lock represents the sovereignty and security with which StriveCast can solve various problems.

Public & private Cloud

StriveCast's solutions can run within our managed, public cloud as well as 100% within your private cloud on premise.

It is quickly set up and easy to use

StriveCast's solution is 100% Web-RTC based, making the implementation as easy as possible even within a VDI. For more complex company structures we further offer a multi-user system as well as a reseller dashboard for our partners

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No agent required

StriveCast runs 100% inside your browser and uses WebRTC to build a dynamic enterprise video distribution network.

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Multi tenant platform

StriveCast has a sophisticated multi-user system, including roles and permissions to give your team members the appropriate access.


Reseller dashboard

StriveCast offers Named Accounts, along with strong administration and billing features for resellers and partners.


VDI compatibility

StriveCast can easily run within a Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or desktop environment like Citrix.

The picture shows a computer with a the StriveCast dashboard.

StriveCast Enterprise – the eCDN inside your browser

Simplifying Enterprise Video Delivery

Deliver high-quality webcasts for corporate communications without facing any technical issues: StriveCast Enterprise is a WebRTC based Peer-To-Peer eCDN that is already pre-integrated in most modern video platforms. It ensures high-quality video streaming at minimum bandwidth requirements. StriveCast Enterprise lets you reliably deliver your live events with unlimited scalability.

Interested in more information? Contact us directly and see StriveCast Enterprise in action.

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