StriveCast eCDN

The world's most sophisticated eCDN platform

Unlimited scale for your virtual events

Quick setup and integration

Deliver stunning events. Every time.

Stunning real-time analytics


User satisfaction score

Real-Time Data

Drill down into every single device

Network and performance metrics

Automated subnet and location detection

IP White & Blacklisting

Track analytics data by subnet

Multi level subnet definition

Define locations, networks, and IP ranges


Silent test without agent installation!

, Feature Overview

No local agent installation

Simulate large events

Easily identify network issues

Easy configuration via Group Policy (GPO)

Already integrated in your video platform

Integrated in more than 15 video platforms

One-Click integration

Custom HTML5 integration available

Smart Peer-to-Peer eCDN technology

Reduces bandwidth traffic by up to 95%

Increasing performance with SmartRouting

Server-side managed for full control

Create peering groups for each office location

SStriveCast Devices Mockup