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The importance of enterprise video streaming - How StriveCast contributed to corporate communications during the pandemic

2020 was a year of change for all of us. The Corona pandemic affected the world and changed our private, public, and professional lives. For many companies, this meant an existence-threatening challenge that they had to face. Countless companies felt the effects of the pandemic directly. StriveCast wants to support such companies in making communication as personal as possible, even under challenging conditions. Due to reducing contacts, video streaming has become an essential business communication method, and employees worldwide used video conferencing for personal exchange. Strive celebrated many successes this year to support companies’ digital development and make corporate streaming as successful and efficient as possible. On the way to meet these requirements, StriveCast has changed a lot in 2020. A year of growth, learnings, significant challenges, and great successes. Not only did we steadily expand our team and gain important customers and partners, but we also positioned ourselves in the European market and asserted ourselves as the market leader in Germany, and implemented new products. Let’s take a look together at StriveCast’s developments and achievements in 2020:

StriveCast’s position on the market place

The year 2020 was a crucial year for StriveCast, especially strategically. We were able to attract high-quality partners and got the chance to stream with big clients and well-known companies. At the beginning of the year, we were able to get the Argentine company LSD Live as a client for our OTT product, and since then, we have been working as a stable partner with LSD, which is one of the leading broadcasters in South America. 

From the top OTT technology provider to an eCDN solution

Over time the product focus changed. Even though our OTT technology had such a good start to the year, we wanted to support more and more companies with our eCDN software. One of the biggest successes was the partnership with Ramp, which brought us not only a great and reliable partner but also the integration with MS Stream. Many big companies put their trust in our hands and started big projects with our help. A rebranding and new website design was also part of it, helping StriveCast position itself as an emerging eCDN provider. 

Product and feature development

This year, StriveCast has been working consistently to improve its performance and products to make customers’ and end-users’ streaming experience even better. Our IT team has been working diligently to offer more features and to fulfill customer demands even better. 

More insights after our Analytics launch

Our StriveCast streaming solutions have always come with StriveCast Analytics, our high-quality analytics software to analyze and keep track of stream performance accurately. It’s so convincing that we didn’t want to deprive you of it, even if you’re not a user of StriveCast’s Enterprise solutions. Our analytics software was launched as an independent product in June and came to the market as a SaaS platform. Shortly after, an app followed, making monitoring with our analytics software in combination with MS Teams easier than ever before.

Full customer transparency with the Status Page

In the summer of 2020, we also released a status page where customers, partners, and interested parties have access to the performance and status of our products. The status page brings even more transparency to our customers and makes the concept of scalable live streaming accessible.

Coverage of all enterprise infrastructure scenarios with the mDNS feature


Establishing peer-to-peer connections on networks using browsers with mDNS has been a significant challenge for eCDN providers and only feasible with a great deal of effort. The mDNS problem, which was mainly to view and process IP addresses of end-devices to form intelligent clusters, was previously solved using specific software on each end-device. StriveCast created an innovative and much simpler solution by only requiring StriveCast software to be hosted at one location on the network. Making enterprise content delivery accessible for everyone. 

P2P eCDN for all devices and operating systems with the iOS feature

StriveCast was able to find a solution for peer-to-peer streaming on iOS and Safari this year. While establishing P2P connections on devices consuming a stream via Safari was simply not possible until now, StriveCast found a solution to include iOS devices in the clusters. This solution is unique and positions StriveCast ahead of its competitors in the eCDN market. 

Customer-centric thinking with the reseller feature

At the end of the year, StriveCast optimized its portal. Resellers can now have more insight and influence on their customers’ different settings and performances. They are more flexible and have more possibilities to give information or make changes to their customers without communication with StriveCast. 

Team growth and international expansion

To implement all these successes and changes at StriveCast, a lot of human resources were necessary. That’s why the team grew steadily and got new members in the departments HR, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Sales, and IT. Our office space in our headquarters in Düsseldorf grew to accommodate the new employees, but StriveCast also sought international help and hired professionals for the sales team from the UK. 

StriveCast team wearing StriveCast branded hoodie

2021 - What to expect

StriveCast can proudly look back on the year’s successes, but we want to continue in the next year the same way: We want to expand to improve our product and perfect our stream performance continuously. By constantly working on our market perception and our software, we want to continue supporting companies in their digital development and establish video streaming as the most important communication method of the future and make it technically possible. Be curious what StriveCast will create in the future – because our plans are big.

About StriveCast

StriveCast is a leading technology provider for eCDN solutions. Our WebRTC-based P2P mesh network is used by large companies like Swisscom, Siemens, and NEP group to solve the problem of network congestion during live events. Based in Germany, we are constantly improving and adapting our cutting-edge P2P technology in order to provide the next generation of enterprise video delivery. Today, StriveCast connects over 150,000 users worldwide on a daily basis, saving customers up to 95% of CDN traffic with a unique server-side-managed Peer-To-Peer network.

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