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Live video has become an integral part of business communication. Using video to communicate, collaborate, and do business has profoundly changed the way we work. The COVID-19 outbreak had a big drive on this, but further factors also fuel it. One is our increased media consumption in our private lives, as we’ve taken that habit to our way of working. Another one is that video, both live and on-demand, is increasingly used as an effective and yet personal long-distance communication method.


Live video has become an essential channel for corporate communications. Reaching all employees no matter where they work is especially difficult for large companies. Large video conferences like virtual townhall meetings with thousands of viewers cause unusual traffic within the corporate network. This traffic load can lead to high video latency and unsteady video quality. StriveCast’s eCDN solves these challenges by reducing bandwidth requirements and thus ensures high video quality without any streaming problems throughout your event.

Are you planning a virtual town hall meeting? StriveCast’s eCDN solutions help you succeed:

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Why Enterprise Streaming can be difficult

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Technical challenges with corporate live streams

The overall problem of streaming a company live event to thousands of concurrent viewers comes with technical challenges that need to be solved. In specific:

Finding a solution that works with your infrastructure

Especially large companies have complicated setups and infrastructures that make large-scale enterprise streaming more challenging, like:

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The Solution


StriveCast’s technology is perfect for solving enterprise video delivery challenges such as virtual townhall meetings. StriveCast requires no local software installation and works inside any Enterprise Video Platform. It reduces bandwidth requirements for internal webcasting by up to 95%. StriveCast offers a cloud and on-premise solution for full control and data privacy to combine maximum security and scalability. On top of that, StriveCast offers real-time video analytics for high-end user insights and video KPIs. With all that, you can be sure to deliver an excellent virtual townhall meeting and learn from your experience long-term. 

Convinced customers and partners include companies like Swisscom, Siemens, Gazprom, and Henkel. Today, StriveCast connects over 150,000 users worldwide daily with its unique server-side-managed Peer-To-Peer network. Especially when it comes to incredibly important digital live events like townhall meetings, our customers and partners trust the StriveCast technology for full success.

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Say goodbye to buffering times, bad video quality, and people complaining about accessing your live stream!

StriveCast makes sure the technological delivery of your townhall meeting works seamlessly in the background.

As you don’t have to deal with technical issues anymore, you can focus 100% on your townhall meeting.

Get the StriveCast eCDN Solutions Brief for more details about how our products can help you scale your live events!

Our P2P eCDN - What’s included?


StriveCast eCDN includes various features that meet your needs to deliver a successful virtual town hall event. We offer everything you need around:



Our content delivery solution works with any chosen Enterprise Video Platform and with all the tools that you already use. With our native SDKs it is available on any device and operating system.


The StriveCast eCDN can be easily integrated into your corporate network and fits any network structure. It is 100% WebRTC based so that it does not require complicated software installations and can be implemented quickly and easily.



Our solutions fulfill all legal data security requirements like GDPR, DRM, encryption, secure connectivity, access restrictions and emphasize protecting confidential business data. Besides that, our server-side managed CDN approach allows full mDNS compatibility.

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Customer Success Story


Henkel, a multinational enterprise for chemical and consumer goods, organized an all-virtual town hall meeting for more than 2,000 employees with StriveCast’s P2P eCDN technology. Download the complete customer success story to see how StriveCast Enterprise achieved an average bandwidth savings rate of 79%, enabling the live stream’s performance without crashing the network.

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get the numbers for your business case

Streaming live video content can claim a lot of bandwidth and is dependent on several parameters like the number of viewers, office locations, and VPN usage. Enter your own numbers to our calculator and you will be able to…

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