Enterprise Video Platform (EVP)

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What is an EVP?

An Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) is used for video communication within an organization or corporate environment. Via an enterprise video platform, it is possible to chat, make calls, be up to date regarding company news, and watch videos such as eLearning programs or speeches, conferences, and digital schedule meetings.

What is an EVP used for?

You can find thousands of free streaming tools like Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and many more on the market. But when it comes to enterprise communication, you often need more than just the pure stream. Usually, you want to have the full package: A platform where you cannot only stream live content but also have an overview of your meetings, a chat function, maybe a place where some videos can be watched on-demand and especially high-security precautions.

The range of enterprise video platforms is probably as wide as the companies’ various concerns. So the multiple providers focus on plenty of different features. Most EVPs bring along a wide range of offers. Those can be uploading, editing, streaming, and storing video content, high-security measures, restricted access for different company roles, video analytics, eCDN, and much more.

EVPs and companies

When you want to use an Enterprise Video Platform within a corporate network, you may be faced with difficulties in streaming live content to all members of your organization. Corporate networks often struggle with a fixed bandwidth capacity, which can quickly be overloaded when every member of your internal network wants to consume extensive video data at the same time. This problem can be solved by an Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN). These are Content Delivery Networks, which are developed for corporate networks. You can learn more about how an eCDN technology works here. Some Enterprise Video Platforms already cooperate with eCDNS. When choosing the right EVP, you should clarify if an eCDN is a feature you will need. If you need help with finding the right EVP for your needs, have a look at our Enterprise Video Platform Comparison.

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