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Successful projects and happy customers - an excerpt

Over the past years, StriveCast has successfully worked together with numerous customers and solved different streaming problems specific to the company and use case. By now, we can proudly say that among others, the following well-known companies are happy StriveCast customers.
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Customer Success Stories

Digital Townhall Meeting

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Streaming a digital town hall meeting live to ~ 2500 employees

The challenge: In the course of COVID-19, part of Henkel’s employees wanted to join the digital townhall meeting from home while others were in the office. Combining the VPN connections and many concurrent viewers from the in-house network can lead to significant difficulties during the stream.

The solution: StriveCast’s P2P eCDN using logical peer-grouping

Subnet Matching

amprion logo.png

Delivering a digital town hall meeting to employees in various locations

The challenge: Amprion's individual infrastructure is divided into various locations with their own subnetworks. When they wanted to stream their virtual townhall meeting, these subnetworks were a substantial technical challenge for seamless enterprise streaming.

The solution: StriveCast’s P2P eCDN using subnet matching

StriveCast Streaming Servers

Payment & Baning logo.png

Streaming a 2-day online conference to an audience in 16 countries

The challenge: Connecting more than 1000 people in 16 different countries interested in banking and FinTech for the special occasion of the "ocean's exchange" - the 2020 version of the annual payment&banking conference. Involving a stable international event with multiple parallel streams.

The solution: StriveCast as a technology partner providing the streaming servers

Want to know more about digital town hall meetings and how to organize them? Read about eCDN solutions for digital town hall meetings.
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Even better together

Our partnership approach

In order to always provide our customers with the optimal solution for their individual needs, StriveCast works together with several technology experts. Within our mutual-success- approach, we build alliances to solve any streaming challenges for our customers ideally.


StriveCast offers multiple enterprise video solutions across industries and countries

StriveCast Products

Enterprise Video Distribution

For webcasting agencies & large companies: Easily deliver company webcasts with our eCDN, the next generation of enterprise video delivery.

Real-Time Video Analytics

Inlcuded in our eCDN: Use powerful real time video analytics to get deep insights into your video streaming performance and user experience.

Media CDN Acceleration

For OTT providers: Reduce CDN cost by 75% with StriveCast OTT, the most advanced Peer-To-Peer Video Delivery Network.

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