The ultimate eCDN Guide

Everything you need to know about enterprise Content Delivery Networks

Enterprise Content Delivery Network Guide

As Video Streaming in the enterprise field increases in popularity, so does the need for Enterprise Content Delivery Networks (eCDN).

Enterprise Content Delivery Networks optimize the way (video) data is distributed in corporate networks to enable digital events on a large scale. Still, the topic of eCDNs is a new ground for many companies. Therefore we created the ultimate eCDN guide for everyone who want to start optimizing video distribution with an eCDN.

What's in it for you

The StriveCast eCDN guide covers every important topic about enterprise Content Delivery Networks, including:
  • Definition of an eCDN
  • eCDN Use Cases
  • eCDN & corporate video streaming
  • Benefits of an eCDN
  • eCDN technologies
  • How to choose an eCDN provider
  • Platforms & companies in the market