StriveCast Enterprise Streaming Survey

Find out about common eCDN usage, EVP application, streaming challenges, and changes tied to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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The results of the StriveCast Enterprise Streaming survey have revealed that the large majority of companies work with hybrid working approaches.

The surveyed companies have stated that their corporate communication is accessed almost equally much at the physical office as it is through a VPN. Furthermore, nearly half of the companies indicated that it is also by half of the employees accessed via a mobile app or through public internet access.

StriveCast Enterprise Streaming Survey

These answers are vivid signs of hybrid working approaches as they show the possibilities for employees to work from different locations. All of the options seem to be offered and accepted quite a lot, indicating that this hybrid approach is as essential to the employees as it is to the company at large.

Besides, we asked the participants, for example:

In our survey report, we have compiled the answers of our respondents and interpreted the results to give you the best overview of the current working situation as well as recommendations for the future

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