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How P2P and DRM together help to combat piracy

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Fighting piracy with P2P and DRM

In a world where online video has become the ‘de facto standard’ for consumers to watch their favorite video content, it also has become a target for piracy. That is why digital rights management (DRM) is key for OTT service providers to secure their content and to ensure that piracy is kept to a minimum in whatever way their content is distributed. Also, peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies for video delivery have rapidly grown in popularity thanks to their capability to cut CDN costs, facilitate scalable content distribution and improve overall user experience. That puts out the question: can P2P and DRM be married into one?

Case Study Irdeto

Strive believes in security and predictability as a baseline for all it does. With more and more OTT video services applying DRM and with P2P on the rise, it was inevitable that these two would come together. Therefore, Strive – the fastest growing P2P-player in Europe – has partnered with Irdeto, one of the leading players in DRM and other security solutions to answer the question of whether P2P and DRM can work together. After rigorous testing, Strive and Irdeto have been able to show that Strive’s P2P-technology works perfectly with DRM-protected live streams, powered by DRM from Irdeto, this way marrying DRM with P2P, creating a new wave of additional benefits.

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