Enterprise Video Challenges & Solutions

Video has become the main live communication tool in 2020. Is your corporate network and IT department able to handle this?

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The challenges of enterprise video streaming – and how to solve them efficiently:

One day, all or most of your employees will come back to the office. They will return with new habits, such as the increased use of video for live communication. This raises the question:

Is your IT ready for internal video streaming?

Video has become one of the most important communication channels. It allows personalcommunication while being separated in different locations or office buildings, savestraveling costs and CO2 emissions as meetings and events do not require on-site presence.Actually, events with every participant being on-site and in one room hardly occur anymore.

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However, the increased use of video streamingcauses a lot of traffic happening in yourcorporate network. That is why many companiesexperience:

  • Low-quality video streams
  • Long buffering
  • Access problems & unstable streams
  • Audience size restrictions

This whitepaper outlines the different challenges corporate IT departments are facing in regard to enterprise video streaming and how they can solve them efficiently.

The whitepaper has been written in collaboration with Ramp and Swisscom Broadcast.

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