Customer Success Story: Enterprise Streaming at Henkel

Streaming high-quality live events to thousands of employees

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Streaming a town hall meeting for more than 2,000 employees

As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in Germany in spring 2020, most companies had to close their physical office sites and order their employees to work remotely. These developments hit many businesses unexpectedly, leaving the management with the challenge of organizing proper, digital ways of communication.

Discover how Henkel, a multinational enterprise for chemical and consumer goods, organized an all-digital town hall meeting for more than 2,000 employees with the help of StriveCast’s P2P eCDN technology. 

Download the complete customer success story to see how StriveCast Enterprise achieved an average bandwidth savings rate of 79%, and thus enabling the performance of the live stream without crashing the network.

Case Study Henkel

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