StriveCast Story

Our history and milestones

From Start-up
to Scale-up

Since our company was founded in 2017, we’ve come quite a mile. What started as a research project at the university can now proudly be presented as an arising company well-positioned in the video streaming market. Obviously, that did not happen overnight. Read about our company history and the milestones we’ve reached so far. From customer and feature announcement to viewer records and company awards – a short overview of the life of StriveCast.

Company Lifeline

The early days

StriveCast was founded at the beginning of 2017 by Christopher Probst-Ranly and Alexander Schaefer.

Our technology was introduced as an innovative fully WebRTC based P2P streaming solution.  The first product StriveCast OTT made this P2P CDN solution available for the broadcasting sector.


Establishing new technology standards

Continued business growth created new records such as the first stream with more than 165,000 concurrent viewers. With the StriveCast eCDN our P2P technology became availabe for enterprise video solutions.

More about StriveCast eCDN 2018

Holding the ground

In 2019, we focused on improving our products by adding new features and fulfilling customer demands:

  • StriveCast’s P2P technology became the first ISP friendly P2P solution
  • Our the solution could proudly be presented as the world’s first low latency P2P CDN
  • The release of our native SDK for all devices made our P2P technology available on all devices and operating systems.

To infinity and beyond

After a lot of ground work in the first years, 2020 was a year of exhilaration.

  • With LSD Live we won Latin americas biggest broadcasting company as a customer
  • Announcement of our partnership with Ramp and integration in Microsoft Teams
  • Release of StriveCast’s Video Analytics feature
  • StriveCast offers full mDNS compatibility
  • New integration for iOS guarantees full Safari compatibility.
  • Release of our Multi-Tenant-Reseller Dashboard

See all our features 2020

Growing our partner base

We are constantly growing our partner network in the enterprise video industry and are now working with more than 25 partners worldwide. Together with our partners, we help large companies to empower their digital communication.

Meet our partners 2021

StriveCast eCDN -
Simplifying Enterprise Video Delivery


Deliver high-quality webcasts for corporate communications without facing any technical issues: StriveCast eCDN is a WebRTC based Peer-To-Peer eCDN that is already pre-integrated in most modern video platforms. It ensures high-quality video streaming at minimum bandwidth requirements. StriveCast eCDN lets you reliably deliver your live events with unlimited scalability.

Partnering with industry leaders around the world

StriveCast works hand in hand with a global network of integration and solution partners.

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